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Recycle Books specialise in book reuse and recycling for all kinds of used books in large volumes. We provide a reliable collection service to collect surplus or unwanted books, whether culled shop stock, withdrawn stock, or public donations, and ensure they are either reused and passed on to someone else to enjoy, or recycled into new products. Not one book is sent to landfill.

Why recycle your books?

Apart from contributing to landfill space, given that paper is a biodegradable material it releases methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas, while decomposing. Recycling paper not only diverts it from landfill, but the process of recycling consumes significantly less energy and water than if processing raw materials.

The service we provide

Have you got books that need collecting? We can set up regular collections with you or can even arrange one-off collections for a minimum quantity of books. Please contact us to find out more. We offer reliability and a hassle-free service.

About us

Recycle Books Ltd was established in 2008, based in the South East, and has already developed a proven track record in both large scale and small scale book collection and reuse services. Its founders come from backgrounds both in the recycling industry and in working with businesses and organisations in reducing their environmental impact, and as such are driven in providing excellent client service and in establishing sustainable best practices within the company.

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Recycle Books Ltd. Company No. 06559417.

Registered Office: Unit 2 Woodley Park Estate, 59-69 Reading Road, Woodley, Berks, RG5 3AW